Many thanks to Anne for this excellent suggestion to help increase club funds and provide a little plant retail therapy for all members without breaking the bank! Do try and find something to bring/be prepared to buy/both (!) at our next meeting:

Wednesday 16th March when Keith Treadaway will be talking to us about Clematis – Start time of 7.30pm


Clematis montana ‘Broughton Star’


By definition all Cothi Garden Club members are likely to be plant lovers. Therefore it makes sense to have a stall at each of our meetings where plants can be purchased. This can then raise much needed funds for the continuation of the club and also feed our ‘plant habits’! Surely a ‘win- win’ situation.

This is therefore a request for good quality, potted up, labelled, and priced plants to be donated each meeting. A table will be set up for such a ‘Plant Shop’ at the back of the hall, with a tin for the money to be left in. Please price your donation/s according to size of pot, type of plant and so that it reflects the true value while being less than a garden centre would charge. This way those purchasing will have a good quality product at an advantageous price- again a ‘win – win’ situation!

Plant sales


It would be good if the ‘Plant Shop’ involved as many members as possible. It is understood that not everyone will be in a position to offer plants so perhaps they could consider purchasing one instead so that this is a fully inclusive venture.

The Plant Shop will be open for business before the meeting while refreshments are served so it will not be competition for any of the speakers who may also be selling their plants after their talks. Please remember to take home your unsold plants at the end of the meeting.

Many thanks and look forward to seeing what interesting plants are available for sale.

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