Julian….. A combination of 3 plants mixed together with overlapping flowering times.

Firstly Narcissus poeticus hybrids. This one was bought as N. ‘Actaea’, but probably isn’t! All the poeticus hybrids flower later than most daffs., so extend the daffodil season. For more information click here.
Secondly White Honesty, which is a biannual. Once you have it, it seeds around so you don’t need to resow – just have to thin them out. For more information click here. And finally the taller blue flowers just coming out are Camassia leichtlinii, which co exist happily with the others, and usually begin to flower, before the daffodils finish. For more information click here.SDIM1834 (2)


Brenda….. Two shade lovers for April:

Anemonella thalictroides – may look delicate with it’s fine foliage and pure white flowers but is totally hardy and a real little gem. For more information click here.

Anemonella thalictroides (2)

Saruma henryi – I just love this for it’s velvety leaves and soft yellow flowers. For more information click here.

Saruma henryi (2)


Dave and Avril…….  Violet – The delicate dog violet pushing through the dead leaves in the bottom of the hedgerow. For more information click here.

121426 0239 Viola odorata Garden violet plants in flower

One of the larger cultivars like Viola ‘Fiona’ at the front of the border will keep flowering well into May. For more information click here.

103875 7040 Viola fiona close up of plant in flower


Elena….. Tulipa kaufmanniana – naturalised in Elena’s garden – “into the reds after the yellow Tete a Tete daffs are over”. For more information click here.


Elena…. Acer saccharum (sugar maple) – I it for its earring-like flowers. For more information click here.



Margaret…..  Nice bright tulips and pansies giving a lot of colour in the garden right now.  Some are in tubs and I can move them around where a bit of colour is needed.

Margarets tulips (2)


Anne….. Himalayan Birch (and native bluebells )- This tree is so beautiful at all times of the year, not only in the spring as here with the bluebells but also now in February under planted with double snowdrops. It does not grow too big so it suits small and larger gardens and is not too fussy about location either. Highly recommended.



Donna….. I wish I could say Tulip ‘Blue Parrot’ , planted in a large pot outside our door, but just as the flower stems emerged….a sheep ate them. So, I hope you can find a photo as I can’t oblige. For more information click here.

Tulipa Blue Parrot

However, the native bluebells are creeping out of the hedgerow (where they were hiding from the previous occupants, SHEEP) and into our field. Only trees, celandines and bluebells on our patch of beautiful Welsh hillside now.