Fiona….. Rosa Grouse – a vigorous ground cover rose with a profusion of small, scented, pink/white flowers in summer followed by small  orange-red hips which last through the winter. I love the way it tumbles across the wall we’ve planted it next to.

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Jane and Steven….. Roses and Rosehips – Loved for their scent and the variety of colours even within one flower. Then hips provide some lovely colour when the majority of our garden is looking rather bare.

P1100426  P1200745


Avril….. Digitalis Purpurea – Why ignore it just because it grows like a weed!

104528 9674 Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) close up of flower______________________________________________________

Also a favourite of Brenda….. Digitalis Purpurea – is another wonderful bee plant, self seeds everywhere but is always welcome in both the wild garden and the herbaceous borders. It is happy growing in shade or full sun and copes perfectly well with wet boggy soil and my dry shale bank.

digitalis purpurea

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Azalea ‘August Pink’: Sadly not scented but quite a rarity for an Azalea to be in flower this late in the season. Only available from https://www.rhododendrons.co.uk

Primula florindae: Heavenly scented, easy to grow and happy in water logged soil all through the winter so ideal for our growing conditions. For more information click here.


Dave….. Strawberry ‘Elsanta’ – A firm slightly sharp fruit which performs reasonably in the wet weather.

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982278 strawberries growing over straw